Eurosport Services

For over 30+ years Eurosport has been a popular choice in S.A. for  European car owners, from basic log book servicing to carrying out complex repairs, vehicle inspections, restorations, race car design and services.

  • Log book servicing
  • Tune and re mapping via Dimsport direct OBD management 
  • Latest computerised diagnostic equipment
  • Programmed scheduled servicing
  • Preventative maintenance servicing
  • Suspension repairs
  • Air conditioning service
  • Wheel alignment, tyre rotation
  • Engine tuning including throttle body clean and diagnosing faults.
  • Engine building
  • Pre purchase inspections
  • Diagnosing drivability, suspension, noise or anomaly issues.
  • Drop-off in CBD
Mechanical repairs

Eurosport automotive conduct most mechanical repairs, from engine out to a basic wheel bearing or suspension re-bush, repair or replacement.

Vehicle restorations

Over the years Eurosport have restored many cars such as Alfa, Daimler V8, MGA and MGB, Lotus Eclat, Chrysler by Chrysler Coupe and more. Vehicle restorations is what we love to do, we'd love to be part of your next project.

Race car services

Eurosport Automotive is known and experienced in the Australian racing industry, especially when it comes to Alfa racing or Alfa road rallying. 

We have successfully modified various vehicles, chassis, engine and suspension geometry following all stringent racing compliancy specifications.